We asked your opinion about the following items:

the location
* nice location, fine, perfect
* Very nice location, nice view, after some time the room came too hot.
* Very nice location, plenty of parking space
* Er was parkeerplaats voorzien, de omgeving was mooi, het zich 's morgens was impressionant.
* Antwerp: very good as the city of fashion

the timing
* start at 9 am is early
* Ok, after the busy days of own exhibitions and ready for a new start in developing new stuff
* Excellent. As it fits our development calendar and is just at the launch of a new season.
* Too short, for such meeting, from 10.00 till 17.00 could be better even with 2 speakers, we can make a round table on the end (Martine Ernoux)

the catering
* good but could have been simpler and faster
* better than at most seminars
* Perfect - friendly nice people.
* De catering was zeer goed, teveel van het goeie. Die taarten op het eind waren om te stelen. Heb maar eentje kunnen proeven; spijtig, want die andere waren aan het glimlacehen naar mij
* Well done, delicious

the organization
* Friendly, nice gadget (book) but too little information to take home (Tineke Devos, Boss Paints)
* Top, in spite of technical failures and time pressure, due to later end of program we ended up inn full traffic-jam.
* Good solution for the technical problems in the beginning (Vanessa Moerman, Balta Group)
* Very OK
* Professional
* Perfect, of course, a little sad for the beginning, Li doesn't speak clearly enough for the first part in the coffee room.

Some reactions about the presentation of Li Edelkoort
* A lady with a lot of charisma. A very fascinating point of view. Very professional...of course
* Woman knows about the trends in the wide world, very optimistic speaker, answers all the questions correct, in one word...perfect
* Excellent, to the point, clear vision, highly professional, great spirit
* Interesting, and has brought us back to the basics
* de improvisatie als intro van Li was een goed begin, gevolgd door een korte herhaling in beeld. Misschien nog beter dan oorspronkelijk gepland. We kunnen nog leven zonder computers.
* Very good, also her intro without the powerpoint (technical break) gave a very personal touch! It was very familar together!! Very useful information not only on trends and colours but on the total lifestyle!

Some reactions about the presentation of David Shah
* a lot of humor, confronting ..., too hasty
* a bit to 'ADHD', I prefered the book that was given at the end of the seminar and in which I found the same information.
* good in combination with Li, a little bit too busy too unclear but the nice thing was at the end: both speakers came to the same solutions! David goes for me as designer too far!
* excellent, not enough time to absorb all the interesting stuff he talks about.
* insane and wonderful; it's a shame he had to rush everything, because he had really amazing great things to tell and show
* A true experience. Sometimes difficult to keep up with him. Need a few days to absorb the content of his presentation
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