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"The power of colour"®
An event presented by MUSTERION®.

Tuesday 11 May 2004 from 10h until 17h


DETLEV PROSS managing director Pantone® EUROPE

"The Economic role of Colour, Colour Control and Colour Management on todays workflows."
The seminar will start with an introduction on the economic role of colour and on colourmetric basis.
The second part will focus on the digital use on colours.

LAURIE PRESSMAN Marketing Manager - Home and Interiors Pantone® US

"From Concept to Completion - Visualizing and Interpreting Your Color Inspiration"
There are many ways of talking about color, but only one way to communicate with certainty every time. PANTONE for architecture and interiors was created to provide designers, architects, manufacturers and contractors with a common language to clearly specify, communicate and manage color choices across the wide range of materials used in the interior design industry from textiles to plastics to paint.
Join Laurie Pressman, Marketing Manager for Pantone, Inc. to learn how you can simplify your design process by lifting your color inspiration into a language everybody understands.

DAVID SHAH editor of Viewpoint, Metropolitan Publishers Amsterdam

"Colour: a question of attitude"